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ViVid Haircolor


add a Little Spice........

Here's what you'll want to know.....

ViVid colors are Semi Permanent Color Layered over Pre-lightened hair. 

The colors can be added in a multitude of ways. Check out the 'ViVid Ideas' page to get a few ideas of the variations. Keep in mind, your first appointment is a double process.  This looks like, bleach service, blow-dry and then apply custom Vivids, rinse and finish with a blow-dry style.

They last about 45 shampoos & require a gentle aftercare routine. 

This means that the more often you wash your hair the quicker they fade.. The great news is Pulp Riot fades true to tone and will fade beautifully and evenly.. Starting Bright and Bold and fading to gentle pastel colors and finally to blonde. 

Anyone can wear them! 

Just keep in mind they do work best on blonde hair., so tape in extensions or off the scalp lightening techniques are best with younger children  Guests with naturally white/silver hair do not require pre-lightning

You shouldn't swim in chlorine or salt water.

So if you are interested in trying ViVids we don't recommend getting them before a beach weekend.... They can absolutely be worn year round but summer and winter care routines are different.. Less sun and swimming means more retouches in the summer. 

Retouches don't always mean more bleach. 

When your ViVids fade the color under there is a blonde highlight... We simply re apply the ViVid of your choice over the existing blonde.. quick and easy. Changing the colors at each visit is possible with a trained stylist, quality products and home care. 

Consultations are Required for New Guests. 

Please schedule a consultation so we can discuss your hair goals.! Its a free little 15 minute meeting where we can make a plan to acheive those goals. We will give you a proper estimate of price, time, and all the details about aftercare and maintenance.  

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