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Meet LaDonna

I remember being told to "Be quiet!" a lot as a child. By my teachers, parents, Sunday school leaders, coaches; even by friends, from time to time. I vividly remember the feeling that I was just Too Much for some people. It seems my life has always been on full tilt! Many of my very first childhood memories are full of mischief. I will proudly admit that I don't think my life is much different now! Even at 34 years old, some people (including my kids) still give me the "Woah, I can't believe she just said that!" look. But, honestly, that is what makes being around me fun! What you see is always what you get! Over the past 14 years of my career, my quirky personality and “go with the flow” vibe has filled my path with clients from all walks of life and all with varying personal styles. My days in the salon are filled with vivid colors, bad ass, natural grey razor cuts, soft blended Boho blondes and I love it ALL! Reflecting now, I realize the thing I love the most is the sense of community and connection I have created at West 84 Hair Co. I take pride in this salon being a place of empowerment for everyone. When you visit our cozy green house, I hope you feel relaxed and at home. My hope is that you leave my chair feeling more alive, more confident & ready to take on the challenges of this world! I want to help you feel like the best version of you! Even if that means you might be “too much” for others. Being a mom, entrepreneur, spouse, gypsy and friend leaves my life a BIT chaotic at times, so booking online is the fastest and easiest way to get in with me. When you schedule your appointment, you will be sent a confirmation text or email within 24 hours (usually less). I look forward to meeting you, helping you create something magical in your life, and empowering you to always be “too much”



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