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 Our Philosophy

At West 84 Hair Co. WE LOVE KIDS! We believe that haircuts should be fun for everyone! While the salon is not childproof we do welcome children's 



Here are a few things to keep in mind when scheduling. 

* keep nap and snack schedule in mind when selecting an appointment time (the happier they are the better) 

* Bring a fresh shirt to change into after the haircut. 

*First haircut? Schedule a private appointment and bring the grands! 

*Keeping them perfectly still is not a requirement until we trim around their ears and bang area. Listen for instructions and assist as the stylist needs. 

*Don't crowd the stylist. Please give us room to work and move around freely.

*We think haircuts at a young age are optional and it really breaks our hearts when they think we are the bad guys. Try to prepare your little one for their haircut. Sometimes its helpful for them to visit the salon before their appointment to get acquainted and perhaps a bribe from us! (we always have goodies on hand) 

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